Experience profound shifts in your body, life, business & relationships

by healing subconscious, somatic, generational and past life limitations - in the SIT Healing Archives.


Are you ready to stop Lone-Wolfing on your Healing Journey?

Join a vibrant community of fellow change makers, spiritual seekers and generational pattern changers who are also on a journey of healing, expansion and creation.

Heal Yourself, In Community.

Yourself, In Community.

Self Awareness.

Unresolved moments from your past will reoccur until the source-point is healed.

This is why it can feel like you’re spinning in the same ol’ patterns, or experiencing the same relationship with different people over and over and over.

But just 
one single awareness can instantly interrupt those physical, emotional & energetic patterns that you haven’t been able to break free from.

Awareness is power, and the Archives will empower you to unlock the awarenesses needed for you to create lasting, sustainable change.

Deep Healing.

The SIT Archives focuses on deep healing Subconsciously, Somatically, Generationally and Energetically.

Receive & observe LIVE Hot Seat Healing Sessions with V on Zoom.

Participate in and receive monthly Group Energy Clearings.

As well as unlock instant access to 30+ potent subconscious & somatic healing audios that were curated to help you heal, expand & shift different aspects of your life, health, relationships, wealth, 
and beyond.


Do you ever feel like you have to hide or tone down certain aspects of yourself in order to belong?

If you’re surrounded by friends and family who go cross-eyed when you try to talk about anything healing or personal development related…

Imagine a container where you didn’t have to hide your quirks, insecurities, or the real ish you’re going through.

You’re not meant to do healing alone. It’s time to stop lone wolfing & lean into community you belong in.

 Join us in the SIT Healing Archives Monthly Membership.

For less than the price of a daily cuppa coffee.

I’m in! Unlock the Archives!

What's included in your membership?

1x LIVE Monthly Hot Seat Healing Group Call with V per month.

V has helped thousands of people permanently resolve all kinds of physical and psychosomatic symptoms like pain, migraines, acne, menstrual issues, nightmares/night terrors, eye twitches, and more... 

As well as helped many people successfully receive job offers, shift relationship dynamics, grow their businesses, attract life partners, and more.

These calls are an opportunity to pick her brain or receive healing on anything from the body to your business and beyond.

Whether you’re in the Hot Seat yourself, or you’re observing someone else receive guidance from V, these calls are potent!

*Hot Seat Recipients are chosen based on live attendance. You must be in the room to claim your spot!
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1x LIVE Group Energy Clearing Per Month

Each month, you can submit your request for the energy clearing, andV will masterfully weave everyone’s requests into one potent clearing session. 

The session is facilitated LIVE in Zoom, but if you can’t make it, your request will still be included and the replay will be available within 24 hours.

Even though it’s a group clearing, it’ll feel as though it was made just for you. She is truly masterful at conducting these sessions.

Lay back and receive a full energetic wash & rinse.

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A Dynamic Range of Methods 

Experience coaching, healing and guidance through the lens of: 

  • Subconscious Imprinting Technique

  •  Spiritual Response Therapy

  • Developmental Psychology
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine 
  • Esoteric Acupuncture 

  • Past/Parallel/Future Lives 

  • Entity & Soul Attachments 

  • Somatic Release & Breathwork 

  • Geometric Repatterning

  • Generational Trauma Healing

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Plus... Unlock Instant Access to 30x Audio Experiences & Event Replays


Unlock Instant Access to our Healing Archives and our most popular Event Replays, Healing Audios, Breath Work Journeys and Self-Guided Healing Experiences.

  • Money

  • Safe in Your Body

  • Shame & Sexuality

  • Mother/Father Wound 

  • Fractured Soul Retrieval 

  • just to name a few....

These audios work to resolve subconscious, somatic, generational & past life imprints. They're like a "Sub Scrub" - scrubbing your subconscious mind and somatic body of outdated residue that's keeping you stuck in limiting beliefs, relationships and patterns.

Instead of purchasing healing audios separately, they’re all included in your membership!

Your Membership is only $1.83 a day

(That’s like…3x less than a latte. Daaaang!)

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Finally, an affordable and safe place to...


Sometimes it takes an external perspective and a loving guide to initiate a pattern interrupt! 


You can heal. These audios & coaching can help you heal things that nothing else has worked for. We've seen it time and time again.


We're not meant to do healing alone. Experience a mixture of self guided healing experiences and community connection.


What is that thing on your heart you've been looking to create? Once you let go of the anchors of the past... You can create a whole new future.

The SIT Healing Archives Membership is an opportunity to:

Interrupt outdated patterns that do not fit with the future you’re creating.

Heal Subconscious, Spiritual, Somatic, Past Life & Generational Imprints.

Ground the spiritual, esoteric, metaphysical work down to earth.

Demystify why you are the way you are (and shift what’s not workin’).

Receive LIVE Facilitation by V (Highly Successful Healer, Spouse & Business Leader)

Experience healing in a community you are safe & belong in

Healing doesn’t have to be HEAVY.

When you do it in community, with a facilitator who’s skilled at holding the dichotomy of the light and dark…  We can actually have a lot of fun.

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Only $55/month, cancel anytime.



create EPIC subconscious, somatic & generational shifts in your life & business.


create EPIC subconscious, somatic & generational shifts in your life & business.
  • 3 Day Money Event Replay

    Explore the Energetics of Reactions to, Receiving & Retaining Money
  • SIT & Breathe Event Replays

    Experience liberation and transformation by SITing with it and accessing the wisdom within your breath.
  • Themed SIT (Subconscious Imprinting Technique) Healing Audio

    Be guided through a series of audios with specific themes to help clear old programming and heal.
  • Am I worthy? | 3 Days to Inner Peace Event Replays

    Explore the links to "Am I Enough & Worthy" through Confidence, Approval & Inner Peace
  • SUB-SOMA Healing Experiences

    These audios are short, punchy, full body experiences.

    They are designed to provoke, awaken & activate your being on the Subconscious, Somaconscious & Superconscious levels.

  • Ticket to ALL live online SIT and Breathe Events

    Your active membership also includes a ticket for you & the members of your household to join us for LIVE online events including SIT and Breathe events.

Join a Monthly Hot Seat Healing & Group Energy Clearing + Replays

You can work with V privately for $647/month 
OR have access to her in The Archives for only $55/month



I'm Dr. Vincent VanOhm

Co-Founder and Lead Facilitator of SITwithit.co, and Conductor of Healing in the realm of Magic


Charming and compassionate, with a healthy dose of “don’t f#%k with me”, Vincent, often referred to as V, has an essence that may be the medicine and mentorship your soul’s been longing for.

Those who know V have realized; you can run, you can hide, but she will still see you. All of you. This is both terrifying and magnetizing.

How does she do it? How is she able to see your deepest secrets and relieve you of their burdens within minutes of being in her presence?

This is the magic that she’s known for empowering healers with, within her academy, as well as clients in her private practice reserved for those who are ready to heal the unthinkable.

V’s acupuncture sessions are an amalgamation of ancient chinese wisdom, intertwined with her own magic, which made her one of Edmonton’s most sought out acupuncturists.

When she’s not in her healing mindspace, her favourite past times include making Orgonite, sitting by the beach, running through the rainforest to do cryotherapy in ice cold creek water, sipping americano’s with her hilarious wife, and ripping through the rainforest on her Rad Runner plus.

V is someone you’ll quickly fall in-love with, simply because of her ability to guide you to fall in-love with yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Want a taste tester before you commit?


Get instant access to a Group Healing V hosted in The Healing Archives. The theme of this Group Healing was around the Heart & 3 year old self, connecting to spirituality, with self, and moving forward feeling supported and trusting. Try it for yourself & experience the potency.