From the Heart of a Renegade - Episode #28 - Healing Beyond the S#&% Storm

Kelsey and Vincent chat with Ashley Valliere (creator of ReKnowing) about relationships, healing deep emotional wounds, working out, and grocery lists. Peppered with belly laughs, useful metaphors for your healing journey, and other insights, this episode will inspire you to keep moving through the s#&% storm.

So. The s#&% storm. What is it? 

It can feel like full body vibrations, shaking, big emotions, and uncomfortable sensations. It's over analyzing, feeling small, and unworthy.  

Do you give yourself s#&% when you’re in the s#&% storm? Are your expectations about healing, your “coulda, shoulda, wouldas” in your way? 

How are you part of your own problem? (Yup. Accountability can suck, but sitting it can help you discover how you are participating in your suffering or trauma continuing?) 

Pain tempts us to numb out, ignore, or shut down, BUT you gotta feel it to heal it. 

It takes serious effort, diligence, patience, grace, and a willingness to SIT IN IT. It takes effort and soul stamina to travel through the discomfort and pain.

The pain of healing is not a crisis, the pain is proof that you are moving through it and healing it. Marinate in it...relax into it and get excited about the transformation you are undergoing. 

So how do you heal beyond the S#&% storm? With faith and trust that if you sit in it, feel it, take accountability for your role in it and keep moving forward. 

Ask yourself “what is possible on the other side of this s#&% storm?”


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