From the Heart of a Renegade - Episode #8 - Making Space by Letting Go

Are you struggling to let go of people or things that are no longer serving you?

A lot of us have anxiety when it comes to letting go of things or people in our lives.

Maybe it’s that table you bought years ago that just doesn't feel good in your space.

Maybe it's relationships you keep hanging onto, even though deep down you know you should cut dies with them...

Maybe, like Vanessa, it’s a handwoven rug that your babcia made for you when you were fifteen.

Or maybe it’s just years of clutter you’ve shoved in your closets and drawers that you swore you would get rid of or organize, but has piled up so much that your drawers are literally barfing them out.

It’s just “stuff”. So why is it so hard to let go?
In this episode, Kelsey and Vanessa talk about the importance of purging things, people, memories, and past emotions from our lives in order to make space for our next level, and why there’s so much discomfort that comes with it. 
Learn and understand why we humans tend to:
  • Allow so much junk to accumulate in our lives until we (literally and figuratively) drown in them
  • Attach so much emotion and meaning to certain items in our lives (even if it's just "stuff")
  • Struggle to let go, even if we intuitively KNOW it’s time we let go of them 
  • Ignore our own awareness and intuition because of our past loyalties
  • Find it so difficult for us to make decisions until they’re already made for us
  • Wait until there’s a crisis or a really hard experience in life before we take action
  • Hang onto and romanticize our past (including people who have long left this world) instead of living in and receiving from the present
Here’s the thing: getting rid of shit is really fucking emotional.
But if you’re bogged down by so much stuff, how can you really hear yourself or your environment and what’s happening within? How can you receive more if literally every  drawer in your house is full of S#*T?
If you know it's time for you to get rid of the physical and emotional junk taking up space in your life so you can make room for the new, join us.
Are you ready?
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