From the Heart of a Renegade - Episode #24 - The New Paradigm of Activism with Anna Tsui


Genius coach, international writer, speaker, activist, serial entrepreneur, and founder of The Intuitive Business School, Anna Tsui sits down with Kelsey to discuss grace, anger, social justice, racialized violence against the Asian community, and honouring traditional healing modalities.

Kelsey and Anna’s discussion flows with deep wisdom and moves through heart centred intentions, unexpected connections, willingness to express love, the new paradigm of activism, fear, inner censorship, people pleasing paralysis, and stepping into our power and being ourselves.  

It’s a deep dive and a badass conversation.  

Anna also offers some insight on this powerful question (a question that our healing community might want to lean into and get more curious about): 

How do we, as healers, actually and tangibly, honour the traditional roots of our healing modalities and medicines so that we can carry it forward? 

Things are complex and tense out there. Horrendous violence keeps happening. People keep standing up against it. Shifts are happening in many realms. 

Within all of this complexity, there can be a fear of saying the wrong things. This fear can become like a paralysis of not knowing what to say at the risk of offending someone. 

The trick may be to come to the place of connection as a way to make a change and take effective action - leaning into our discomfort zone. 

When strong messages are shared from a place of love it creates a pull forward, and invitation and calling for people to expand. This is at the core of the new paradigm of activism.


Show Notes

Anna Tsui | Intuitive Business

Anna's Book | Shadow Magic: Turn your Fear into Fuel and Create a Prosperous Coaching Business


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