How to get the ULTIMATE REVENGE on someone (unpopular opinion)

A few months back, I went through an emotionally painful experience that provoked a'lotta rage & the desire for REVENGE.

Revenge energy is something I was familiar with as a hasty teen - but not now!!

Not as a “conscious LEADER”.

I was 100% caught in the riptide of RIGHTEOUSNESS.

My brain was orchestrating some serious ideas and taking me on a RIDE of all sorts of ways I could “make this person pay”.

It was not fun. It felt compulsive. I was not my best self.

V said to me, calmly, and without judgement:

“If you went through with doing this, as a way to get revenge, think about _________ and what she would think if she found out you did this?” (she name dropped one of our students).

In that moment, almost as if she waved a magic wand, the desire for revenge immediately dissipated.

The rampant thoughts of (admittedly ingenious) revenge ideas completely vanished.

The spin stopped, and all desire for 'making this person pay', gone.

It’s been over a month since she called me out, and I haven’t had a single ounce of anger, rage or revenge thoughts about this person since then. Their power over me, gone.

This experience really anchored in why living for something bigger than ourselves is so important.

Why do we do what we do?
More importantly, WHO we do it for?
Who are we leading? Who do we want to be an example for?

The life changing question is:
If I lived in a glass house, would I be proud of what my students saw?
Swap 'students' for clients, spouse, kids, employees, etc. Whatever makes sense for you.

This question initiates a whole new level of accountability.

And honestly? Resolution in your heart is the greatest "revenge tactic" of all - because it revokes any and ALL control the person still had over you. 

Much love, 

- O'tion (Kelsey), Co-Founder & Visionary of Empowered Healers Academy

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