Hope Dealer: Transforming Lives with SIT Sessions - A Case Study

What's it mean to be a Hope Dealer?

That's what this weeks case study is truly about.

This SITuation highlights an inspiring story of a terrifying medical diagnosis that was resolved after just 2 SIT Sessions.

Real talk... 

It's a messed up reality that 12 Million people are misdiagnosed annually in the USA alone; which is responsible for between 40,000 - 80,000 deaths per year. 😭

The archaic system wants to say it's "out of scope" for practitioners like Acupuncturists and Massage Therapists to talk to clients about emotions... But if not them, then who!? 

That's why, to roll with us, you've gotta have the Soul of a Healer & Heart of a Renegade. 👊 ❤️

(K but who knew helping humans with emotions would make you a rebel? lol)

Thanks to one of our SIT Practitioners who has the Heart of a Renegade... 

She was able to defy what's normal as an acupuncturist and guide her client to get abnormal (in the best way) results. 

From pain, numbness & cell abnormalities the Doctors were pointing to as MS... 

To being pain free, able to run a marathon & resolving the abnormalities in her cells... 🤯

All after just 2 SIT Sessions 🧬🧠

You can read or watch the whole SITuation Case Study here.

We break down: 

  • The repressed emotions that were locked in her body 
  • The memory associated 
  • And the incredible link between her current job & her life as a 12 year old (The Pattern the symptom was pointing to that needed resolution)

Our SIT Practitioners aren't just Dope Healers - they're Hope Dealers. 

This is a true story of hope.  

Enjoy the video! 

- O'tion & V 
Creators of SITwithit.co 
& Empowered Healers Academy

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