$647.00 CAD

The Virtual Clearing

  • Navigating business transitions with ease; clearing the stress that comes with growth, your team, and uncertainty 
  • Entity removal- Help you & your staff relax into themselves, as well as clearing the energy on the property that is f*cking with sales and staff (making you think, WHAT got into them?)
  • Panic attacks and anxiety- stop "living with it" and find a sense of peace and calm in your body
  • Overwhelming worry and fear - find peace, finally. Being safe and present in your body vs wondering what everyone else is thinking and all the worst case scenarios.
  • Empath problems- sweet you, taking everything on for everyone else...imagine feeling like you can finally breath deeply, ALONE in your body. 
  • Small Time Investment- you're busy. These clearings are 25min weekly and are recorded to listen at your convenience 
  • Night terrors- panic in the middle of the night AIN'T FUN. Let's get rid of the scary energies that keep agitating you at night.
  • House/space/office clearings - because when people bring their energy in, they can also leave ish behind. Get your home, office, and areas cleared so you can relax in your own space.
  • Includes 3 PERSONALIZED sessions (no group sessions!) + Telegram voice support (Private 1:1 Telegram Support Group will be provided after the first session)




Following Purchase:

Please check your email.

V will have sent questions for your first session. Once the initial session is complete, V will contact you with booking the remainder of your sessions and invite you to a private Telegram Support Thread.

In the support thread, you will receive your audio clearings along with any other questions or support you require Monday-Thursday 9am-2pm


What People Are Saying:

I’ve worked with V for over 6 months in her monthly retainer. My business (50 staff and thousands of clients) has a high volume of people that bring in various levels of energy. The space and staff constantly needs to be cleared in order to maximize growth opportunities with ease. In short, there’s a lot of energy bouncing around and the energy work is so important when everyone, including staff, bring their baggage in. V’s offering is 10,000% worth the price; I received more support that I expected and I have never had a practitioner make themselves as available as her. I had many physical issues that cleared up after sessions (horrible neck pain that subsided) and I saw a MASSIVE shift in my business partner who’s heaviness was GONE after 1 session (she was slightly combative and controlling to the staff) and her communication skills turned softer (literally, the next day I heard her laugh for the first time in months).


I am literally feeling like me again. I have ideas and goals and actually want to accomplish them. I don't feel like dying - I feel ALIVE in new ways and I'm so excited to see where it all goes.


THANK YOU!!!! I feel waaayyyyyy better; no brain fog, my posture has shifted - I'm standing taller and lighter! I didn't even notice how heavy my core felt through my T-Spine until we were done!


I am going to send this offer to people as Christmas gifts. Even my husband is so jelly of my calmness after 1 session.


One of THE BEST CHOICES I've made yet.  I work with Dr. VanOhm for chronic back pain and after an incredible session I knew more about me and the creation of that pain. Dr. V has this interesting way of phrasing questions to you which bring you to thoughts and experiences that may have contributed to your ailment, during the session.  And with that information she dives in deeper (as far as you're willing to go) until she gets you to the root of your ailment. Today for the first time in several years, I'm sitting here pain-free.  I have a follow up appointment that I almost cancelled because I feel so good and yet I know that in order to maintain this, I need to continue doing the work with Dr. V.