From the Heart of a Renegade - Episode #4 - Let's Talk Money (and how to get more of it)

Money. Nice people don’t talk about money. Or do they?

Vanessa and Kelsey are going to change how you think about all things money. Starting with the common gem that "making money has to be really, really hard".

"It only has value if it was hard, right?"

"There has to be sacrifice in order to be successful"

"If it’s easy, then it must not be valuable."

Lies, lies, oh so many lies.

How many of us have shame stories about money or the lack of it?
How much is that shame stifling your financial success and capacity to make money?

Other limiting beliefs we buy into:

  • There’s only one way to get money.
  • Manifesting ABUNDANCE only comes in the form of cash.
  • If you have or want lots of cash, you must be greedy.
  • If you find a short cut to earning big bucks you are sleazy, lazy and just ew.  

    And the heavy hitter ...

    "Money can’t buy you happiness". - Our favourite load a s#!&

    It’s time to challenge your money beliefs.
    Because that’s all they are. Beliefs.
    And a belief is just a THOUGHT that you've repeated over and over again. 

    They are not your truth unless you validate them!

    They discuss how fear about money (or not having enough) stops us. It keeps us from seeing options or being open to other possibilities.

    Vanessa shares how she had a great opportunity, but it only showed up because she was truly open to receiving possibilities.

    She also shares the shame she had around needing help. This is universal.
    Don’t miss the breakthrough. It’s real and powerful.

It’s about asking and receiving.

What is your story about asking?
Do you find it easy to receive?

How do you realize your value? We all have a story around what we are worth. That’s all it is.
A judgment.
A story.
How do you change the story?

Kelsey shares a big revelation and the pivotal moment when all of this changed for her. If you have a money story that isn’t working for you, be prepared to take notes.

How do you attract more money?

That’s the big question isn’t it?
This episode has answers.
Real life, no BS answers.

Want support? Check out the 4 Week Subconscious Recalibration 
Week 1 is all about money!

Riley was a "special guest" on this episode so it only seemed right to share her lovely photo with you



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