I intercepted a crime last week 😳

Never a dull moment around here

Last week, I took Riley out for a little stroll through the neighbourhood for her evening potty ("potty" said ONLY in a high pitched baby voice obvi), and we had a badass moment intercepting a crime 😤 (not said in baby voice).

Now, if you don't know who Riley is, she's our 13.5 year old Italian Mastiff who, as I love to boast, has lived past her median lifespan by 4 years already!

(I am passionate about the raw food diet and she's a living testament as to why).

Once a VERY intimidating guard dog, Riley has slowed down quite a bit and has now become semi-intimidating in her semi-retirement.

I say semi-retirement because she tends to sleep through the door bell ringing, people coming over, and even slept through a handy-man repairing the wall we burnt with our air fryer last week 😳😳😳... oops.

And tends to wake up AFTER the potential threat is gone, sniffs them in the air, and THEN goes into full-fledged protector. 😂

Bless the old girl for trying.❤️

Anyways, last week during our evening potty walk, I noticed 2 people stumbling all over the sidewalk towards us.

They were "out of their minds" on something, so I decided to cross the street to stay clear of their path.

Riley postured herself in-front of me and refused to continue walking (God, I love her).

So, we stood by a tree across the street from our house and watched the 2 people from a distance.

One of them noticed us and yelled "I LIKE YOUR ROTTWEILER!" and kept motoring on, like she was on a mission to get somewhere.

Her friend lagged behind a few houses, running up all over my neighbours lawns and porches.

I watched closely, and became nervous as she approached our direct neighbours porch.

I had left our door slightly open, and it would be HELLA AWKWARD if she went up to our porch next, and ran into our house.

She was acting super weird, trying to look into my neighbours basement window.

Suddenly, she turned around, ran to their mailbox, grabbed their mail, and took off RUNNING as if she struck gold.

"Hey!" I said while stepping into the street, "Can you put that down please?!"

I legitimately didn't recognize my own voice when I said it. I sounded like a Mom!!! 😂 I dunno how else to describe it, Eigler.

And I was shocked at what happened next.

"Okaaaaay", she said, in the sweetest little voice.

She dropped her head, dropped the mail, smiled the "busteeeed" smile, and scurried off running to meet her friend.

...I witnessed a 20+ year old, who was clearly intoxicated, LITERALLY turn into a little girl.

My heart melted for her.

As I reflected on the experience, it reminded me of myself, almost 2 decades ago...

Desperate to be seen, and using extremely unhealthy ways to get that need met.
- Stealing my Moms boyfriends car when I was 13 years old. Crashing it, and then running away to Fort Mac on a Greyhound Bus. 🤦🏼‍♀️
- Lighting bus stops on fire. (Like why?! Just why 🤦🏼‍♀️)
- Getting arrested multiple times for theft under 5 thousand before I was 18. 🤦🏼‍♀️
- Getting expelled from high school, (and not once being met with curiosity of WHY I did what I did. Just exiled).

What I needed was an authority; a loving adult to step in and intercept.

I needed to be seen, and was using DRAMATIC ways to get it done.

Now... These examples are kind of extreme (I can't imagine you're stealing peoples mail or lighting bus stops on fire, Eigler)...

But MANY of us, as adults, are using dysfunctional ways to get our needs met.

Unmet Need Identification is one of the most important Root Cause processes we use with Subconscious Imprinting Technique.

We have an entire Reveal the Root process & chart surrounding Unmet Needs because it's been proven to be INTEGRAL to healing longstanding patterns (Both physical pain & behavioural patterns).

At the root of ALL conflict (and I would even say all crime), is an unmet need - often of a very young version of us.

So. I want to invite you to observe the moments where you behave in a way you're not so proud of...

Or where a headache comes on...

Or where resentment kicks in...

Where you withhold love from someone...

Or where you're lighting a bus stop on fire...

Whatever your thing is - no judgement, my friend!

And ask yourself "Hey, what is the unmet need here? Where am I not asking for my needs to be met?"

You may be surprised at what you find.


- O'tion & Riley 'Crime Stopper's VanOhm

Ps. If you're wondering, the mail was returned safely.


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