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I intercepted a crime last week ūüė≥

Never a dull moment around here

Last week, I took Riley out for a little stroll through the neighbourhood for her evening potty ("potty" said ONLY in a high pitched baby voice obvi), and we had a badass moment intercepting a crime (not said in baby voice).

Now, if you don't know who Riley is, she's our 13.5 year old Italian Mastiff who, as I love to boast, has lived past her median lifespan by 4 years already!

(I am passionate about the raw food diet and she's a living testament as to why).

Once a VERY intimidating guard dog, Riley has slowed down quite a bit and has now become semi-intimidating in her semi-retirement.

I say semi-retirement because she tends to sleep through the door bell ringing, people coming over, and even slept through a handy-man repairing the wall we burnt with our air fryer last week ... oops.

And tends to wake up AFTER the potential threat is gone, sniffs them in the air, and THEN goes into full-fledged protector.

Bless the old girl for trying.


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