Are you unconsciously rejecting money?

Real talk...

Are you rejecting money clients literally WANT to give you? 

A couple weeks ago, I was struttin' through the Artisan Market, sippin' my peppermint tea, when a jewelry maker caught my eye. 

I've been on the hunt to have custom rings made for O'tion & I for a while and got lit up at her stand.

(Side note, we just celebrated our 10 year anniversary which feels like a really beautiful milestone).

When it comes to the ring, I know exactly what I am looking for; what materials I want used; and how much I want to spend. 

But when I attempted to do business with this incredibly talented jeweller... 

I was shocked by the experience... 

She literally WOULD NOT let me give her $$$ that I WANTED to spend with her because of her judgement about how "unaffordable" the material I wanted to use is. 

(Please note: The cost was literally thousands less than I thought it was going to be. But to her, $700 was WAY MORE than "people" would be willing to spend). 

I was like, "Lady! I AM people! I want to buy from you!!!!" 

But she literally COULD NOT receive my business because of her own perceptions of money and what's "affordable".

I walked away from that experience realizing that this is SUCH a common narrative in practitioners & healers, too.

"People won't pay if it's not covered under benefits" (that's a lie that the system has sold you. Sure, some people won't. And what about the tens of thousands of people who DO book services & pay for them out of pocket?)


"We're in a recession" (I haven't seen a shift in the amount of people wanting to book sessions, but I HAVE heard a lot of practitioners entertaining this thought).


Real talk, 

There are SO many humans in the world who WANT what you have.. 

So. Imma ask you again... 

Are you unconsciously rejecting the money they WANT to give you? 

Things to ponder. 

- V

Ps. I posted a video about it on IG.
Check it out.

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