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Are you unconsciously rejecting money?

Real talk...

Are you rejecting money clients literally WANT to give you? 

A couple weeks ago, I was struttin' through the Artisan Market, sippin' my peppermint tea, when a jewelry maker caught my eye. 

I've been on the hunt to have custom rings made for O'tion & I for a while and got lit up at her stand.

(Side note, we just celebrated our 10 year anniversary which feels like a really beautiful milestone).

When it comes to the ring, I know exactly what I am looking for; what materials I want used; and how much I want to spend. 

But when I attempted to do business with this incredibly talented jeweller... 

I was shocked by the experience... 

She literally WOULD NOT let me give her $$$ that I WANTED to spend with her because of her judgement about how "unaffordable" the material I wanted to use is. 

(Please note: The cost was literally thousands less than I thought it was going to be. But to...

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