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The Joy of Being Wrong

One of my favourite things (I swear I am not a sadist) is the moment I realize I was *gasp* wrong

You ever have those moments?

Where you get that humble pie, realizing you misjudged someone or something? 

It hurts so good. 

These moments are especially hilarious when I was SO CERTAIN that I was "right" and "correct" about my judgement or assumption. 

I dunno why, I just love it and I feel like whoever is watching down on me gets a giggle every time, too. 

"You cute human, you".

This is top of mind for me today because this experience happened last month where I was unknowingly volunteered into running a booth at the International Women's Show in Calgary. 

See, one of our co-facilitators in the SIT Certification, Kristi McLeod, was signed up to run a booth for the 2 day event that was projected to have 20,000 women attend. 

But due to a funeral (that she was obviously not anticipating),...

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