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The Joy of Being Wrong

One of my favourite things (I swear I am not a sadist) is the moment I realize I was *gasp* wrong

You ever have those moments?

Where you get that humble pie, realizing you misjudged someone or something? 

It hurts so good. 

These moments are especially hilarious when I was SO CERTAIN that I was "right" and "correct" about my judgement or assumption. 

I dunno why, I just love it and I feel like whoever is watching down on me gets a giggle every time, too. 

"You cute human, you".

This is top of mind for me today because this experience happened last month where I was unknowingly volunteered into running a booth at the International Women's Show in Calgary. 

See, one of our co-facilitators in the SIT Certification, Kristi McLeod, was signed up to run a booth for the 2 day event that was projected to have 20,000 women attend. 

But due to a funeral (that she was obviously not anticipating),...

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From the Heart of a Renegade - Episode #7 - From Worrier to Warrior (And Everything In Between)

Does the word 'Healer' sound a little woo-woo to you?

Maybe, if you're like our Guest, Mel Chatigny, you've thought one of the following:
"This is f*cking bullshit... there's no way that hippie stuffs works."
"Healer? No. That word doesn't connect with me and my identity at all."
Meet Mel Chatigny — personal trainer, CrossFit coach, Olympic weight lifter, and all-around BADASS.
Mel is a graduate of our November Subconscious Imprinting (S.I.T.) class and in this episode, she talks about how she went from a broke trainer working 45 to 50 hours a week who was skeptical of the 'hippie voodoo woohoo' to opening up not only herself but also her clients to receive more in life through S.I.T.
Learn how this badass grew from WORRIER to WARRIOR and:
  • Healed chronic hip pain affecting her workouts through ONE S.I.T. session
  • Overcame her judgments about money and healing (and hippies! )
  • Changed her mindset from 'the harder I worked, the happier I...
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