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The cost of avoidance is ūü§Į

V and I are hitting the road to go and see my Grandma for her 92nd birthday. 

I know what you're wondering.

Yes, we have plenty of road snacks. 
Yes, we will be stopping for americano's. 
No, we did not make a 90's playlist to listen to on the way. 
(We actually RARELY listen to anything while driving. Even 12 hour trips we will drive in total silence. Is that weird?)

Anyways, I am super excited to go see my Grandma. I've been giddy all week. 

But that's not the point of this email, my friend! 

I wanted to write to you and share a lesson I learned this week that might be useful for you (especially if you're a creator of sorts).

It's a big one. One I've learned MANY times. 

(Do you ever have those lessons that you re-learn MULTIPLE times and yet no matter how many times you learn it, it feels just as shiny and profound as the first time? Just me?)

So, on Tuesday, we opened registration for our first ever...

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