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Pain, Fatigue, or Shaky Bowels after facilitating?

"Being an Empath" is one of the greatest gifts that gets the worst rap 

When it comes to:

  • Feeling exhausted after sessions 
  • Bathrooms urgencies (before, after, OR during sessions
  • Feeling cranky AF after sessions & needing alone time to extremes
  • Taking your clients pain (including waking up in the night with weird panic/sweating after working on some people)

#EmpathProblems ARE NOT always the problem! 

It's actually often a mismanagement of energy & responsibility.

Essentially, you're over-functioning in the client-practitioner relationship. 

(And chances are, if this is happening in sessions, this isn't the only place it's happening - ammi right? ).

This shows up as you doing 90% while letting your client (or partner, or co-workers, or whoever) do 10%.

But as a practitioner, healer, coach, guide - however you identify... 

Your job is NOT to fix, process, prove,...

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