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The BIGGEST Lie in the Healing Industry (People won't pay for your treatments?)


Be careful of the thoughts you're believing - ESPECIALLY if they limit you. 

Often times, those thoughts aren't even YOURS. 

"You NEED to finish your Massage Therapy Diploma... If you don't, people will not pay for your services. At least Massage Therapy is covered under benefits". 

This was what I was told by the Director of the RMT program I was in, after I told them I wanted to drop out. 

See, while I was in school, I discovered that there is NO amount of effleurage, traction exercises or lymph drainage techniques in the WORLD if someones pain is due to repressed emotions & unresolved trauma. 

Thankfully I have a very strong connection to my own body & awareness, and I knew that what they were saying was not just a limiting point of view, but a straight up lie that practitioners & healers have bought and sold for a long time.

The world normalizes buying $150+ shoes that were made in sw**t shops...

But looks at...

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Pain, Fatigue, or Shaky Bowels after facilitating?

"Being an Empath" is one of the greatest gifts that gets the worst rap 

When it comes to:

  • Feeling exhausted after sessions 
  • Bathrooms urgencies (before, after, OR during sessions
  • Feeling cranky AF after sessions & needing alone time to extremes
  • Taking your clients pain (including waking up in the night with weird panic/sweating after working on some people)

#EmpathProblems ARE NOT always the problem! 

It's actually often a mismanagement of energy & responsibility.

Essentially, you're over-functioning in the client-practitioner relationship. 

(And chances are, if this is happening in sessions, this isn't the only place it's happening - ammi right? ).

This shows up as you doing 90% while letting your client (or partner, or co-workers, or whoever) do 10%.

But as a practitioner, healer, coach, guide - however you identify... 

Your job is NOT to fix, process, prove,...

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