Discrete Healing for Mature Healers, Entrepreneurs and Public Figures.

Because who can you trust to see & hold all of you 

when you're the one everyone else looks to?


My clients have created a reputation, an image, and a way of being perceived in public.

They also have stories, trauma, and various things holding them back. 

From the outside, they're crushing it. They've built the dream.

They've got the business, the status, the house, the dog, the team, the PR's.

But behind closed doors, many of them also have:
  • chronic pain
  • constant pressure 
  • anger eruptions
  • relationship turmoil
  • resentment towards their business 
  • trust issues
  • the list goes on...

If, like my clients, you're the one who's constantly supporting, holding space for, and leading others... 

It's important to find a practitioner who can hold ALL of you - where you don't have to perform, filter or mask.

Hey, I'm V.

My clients see me as a Vault.

I'm a Doctor of Acupuncture,  Reiki Master & Co-creator of Subconscious Imprinting... 
Don't let my petite frame fool you.

When it comes to holding space for people with big energy, big visions and big histories...
I can hold A LOT.

And there's not a shred in me that's intimidated
by what you've built, created, or are known for.

I am the safe space you can finally let go, rest your head, bare your heart, and heal.

There are people I work with

1. Mature Healers

2. Entrepreneurs & Executives

3. Public Figures

Where the Mature Healer can be Held

You're great at holding others. Who's holding you? As an established and busy practitioner, it can be daunting to find a Healer who can hold all of you. You have spent years creating your reputation and are left wondering where to go, what information to share, and who to let your guard down to. As a Master Healer, you have witnessed, held, and heard others in their pain...and it's time you have your own place to let go, seek growth, and healing.  

This is me

Where the Entrepreneur can hit Flow

You have your vision, your systems, your offers, and maybe even a team. Yet something isn't clicking... You remember that time when it was all in flow; when you loved your business. What happened? You're busy, you're stressed, relied on by everyone else, and have little time every week to look into the energetics of your business operations. I see you, and I see you wanting more. More speed, more connections, more synchronicities, and more magic. You love the spiritual side, and you're needing the guidance.   

This is me

Where the Public Figure has Privacy & discretion.

The last thing you need is another person asking for a selfie, a shoutout, or tapping into your public reputation. For you to stand up and serve at the level you have been called to, you require a vault to contain your healing journey. Where you are met with the intention of healing and nothing more. It isn't easy having to hold it all in and watch over your shoulder. You can bare your heart, your soul, and finally let go without worry.  

This is me

We can work together

in 1 of 3 ways.

1. the virtual retainer

2. 1:1 in person

3. mentorship


1:1 In-Person Session


Edmonton, Sunshine Coast, or Fly Me to You

  • Acupunctureprecise point selection to reconnect the mind, body, and spirit

  • Guasha & Fire Cupping- the necessary body work to get your tissues back into proper motion 

  • Moxibustion- burning traditional herbs for digestion, energy, and chronic pain
  • Sound Healing-resolving fractures in your energy field with tuning forks 

  • Subconscious Imprinting-to consciously remove and resolve past life, current life, or future life wounds creating current physical or emotional pains

  • Energy Diffusion finally let go of deep emotional burdens and transform them


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The Virtual Retainer


Amplify the Energetics of You+Your Business

  • Navigating business transitions with ease; clearing the stress that comes with growth, your team, and uncertainty 
  • Entity removal- Help you & your staff relax into themselves, as well as clearing the energy on the property that is f*cking with sales and staff (making you think, WHAT got into them?)
  • Panic attacks and anxiety- stop "living with it" and find a sense of peace and calm in your body
  • Energetic Resonance of offers- adjust offers that don't align due to timing, past life BS (Yes you read that right) price misalignment, or otherwise. 
  • Small Time Investment- you're busy. These clearings are 25min weekly and are recorded to listen at your convenience 
  • Activate Flow- we focus on you and your personal life to keep your energy clear. What 
  • Includes 3 sessions per month + Telegram voice support 
  • Unsure?Try a taste tester here
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1:1 SIT Certification & Mentorship

  • Learn SIT directly from me within 8 weeks 
  • This is for the busy practitioner who's seeking speed & mastery
  • No Group Calls, No Video Trainings - 1:1 Live Mentorship & Training 
  • Become qualified to release Subconscious, Somatic, Spiritual, Generational & Past Life imprints causing a ton of different symptoms
  • Practice SIT within 8 weeks of signing up
  • Includes 3 months of mentorship & checkin calls to refine your skill (5 months total)
  • Do the deep inner work most Healers fail to do on themselves
  • Completely up-level your capacities & client results

  • Stand OUT as a Healer, Coach, Therapist or Leader by helping people get to the root of what's holding them back
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“In one 90 minute SIT Session with V…
This chronic fatigue was GONE.

After I had been struggling with chronic fatigue for over three to four years, I had gone to doctors, specialists, practitioners, body workers, naturopaths, you name it. You can imagine now that I had my life back, I wanted to share this with others.” 

-Tracy, Stay at home Mama turned Healer

“I would have emptied my bank account for this

I feel like an entirely different person writing this email back… because I don’t know how to explain it other than a freaking miracle happened. 
If someone would’ve told me this would be my life now, I would’ve emptied my bank account to make it happen."

-Talana, Digital Artist 

"Today for the first time in several years, I'm sitting here pain-free.  

One of THE BEST CHOICES I've made yet.  I visited Dr. VanOhm for chronic back pain and after an incredible session I left knowing more about me and the creation of that pain.

She has this interesting way of phrasing questions to you which bring you to thoughts and experiences that may have contributed to your ailment, during the session.  And with that information she dives in deeper (as far as you're willing to go) until she gets you to the root of your ailment.

She is truly a life-changing Acupuncturist who brings about change!  Be prepared for the unexpected."

- M.F, Business Consultant

V’s monthly vrtual offering is 10,000% worth the price...

I’ve worked with V for over 6 months in her monthly retainer. My business  (50 staff and thousands of clients) has a high volume of people that bring in various levels of energy. 

I have received more support than I expected and I have never had a practitioner make themselves as available as her. I had many physical issues that cleared up after sessions (horrible neck pain that subsided) and I saw a MASSIVE shift in my business partner who’s heaviness was GONE after 1 session (she was slightly combative and controlling to the staff) and her communication skills turned softer (literally, the next day I heard her laugh for the first time in months)."

-TB, Health & Wellness Facility

Hey again, I'm V.

My current jam: Co-Creator of Subconscious Imprinting Technique, Lead Facilitator, Acupuncturist & Metaphysical Healer 

I'm Dr. Vincent VanOhm, a highly specialized and unique acupuncturist challenging the boundaries of complementary medicine.  

My unwavering desire to know “why is this happening” had led me to exploring everything after all medical doctors left my wife O’tion without answers to the sudden onset of debilitating migraines. When I discovered a connection between memories, emotions, and the body, I guided O'tion through a 30 minute conversation that interrupted her final migraine, which never returned.

I was blown away at the efficacy and simplicity of the process, and I began applying the work to professional athletes, entrepreneurs, parents, children,  and anyone experiencing chronic symptoms. Together with my wife O’tion, we systemized this into our own technique, Subconscious Imprinting Technique, to continue resolving the anchors of emotional roots directly responsible for chronic pain.

In 2019, clients began driving over 500km one way for my unique Subconscious Imprinting Acupuncture sessions, which led to a 3 month wait list. Colleagues kept asking me for a course on how they could yield the same results. The Empowered Healers Academy Inc. was born and with O'tion, we have since trained practitioners internationally for in person and virtual SIT sessions.

Over 10 years in practice, I've found there are limited places and spaces for the mature healer, the entrepreneur, and the public figure to go and fully relax and let go without having to "back seat drive" in the session. To be fully supported in processing the resentments in business, the loneliness, the frustration of "why isn't it working", or the stress of having to constantly be reminded of pain from the past. 

I will call you out, call you up, and hold you through the entire process. 


Work with me

If you're a healer, practitioner, coach or therapist...

Become highly skilled & sought after alongside me and join our 6 Month SIT Certification & Mentorship Program.

This is for you if:

🤍 You’ve been getting more complex cases that you know have deeper roots to them…

🤍 The current modalities & trainings you adore are limiting you…

🤍 You sense there’s a reason people open up to you the way they do…

🤍 You’ve had intuitive nudges that there’s a connection between the emotions & stories clients bring up, and the tension patterns they’re holding in their physical, spiritual & emotional bodies…

🤍 You crave guiding clients through transformation (not just symptom management)...

🤍 You're ready to be the anomaly in your industry, and hear things like, "That wasn't like ANY other {insert your title} I've worked with..."

Subconscious Imprinting Technique is a proven system loved by practitioners all over the world.

Our 6 month certification program will equip you to safely & effectively guide clients through the emotional, generational, and subconscious roots connected to their symptoms that they’ve been unconsciously dropping you hints about.

subconscious imprinting practitioner training



something that deviates from what is
standard, normal or expected.

SIT Practitioner Training

The results I’ve gotten with my clients are fu**ing mind-blowing. 

"I have had such incredible results with SIT personally, for both chronic back pain from ankylosing spondlytis and emotional traumas from my childhood. Not to mention the anxiety I've had my whole life is gone. 

Incorporating SIT into my practice and the results I’ve gotten with my clients are fu**ing mind-blowing.

If you have an opportunity to take anything from these two, do it. Please do it."

- Taylore Acupuncturist & Clinic Owner
from Stettler, CANADA

Subconscious Imprinting was the missing piece I was searching for, both for myself as well as my career.

"The deep level of personal healing and growth I received during my time throughout this course is mind-blowing. Not to mention my clients have had great results as soon as just one session.

Words cannot even fully describe how amazing this training is. Everything is so relatable, easy to understand, and it's the first course where I've actually been EXCITED to learn the new materials."

- Chelsea Oryniak, RMT & Clinic Owner

from Edmonton, CANADA

“I had my acupuncture practice for a while… But I wasn’t feeling super connected to it. I felt like there was something “more” I was looking for.

I signed up not really knowing what to expect but just knew that I had to and that it would change my life. And it has. Not only has it brought my acupuncture practice to a whole new level, it has also brought tremendous awareness to my own life. Honestly, this academy is life-changing…”

-Kim Lyle, Registered Acupuncturist
from St. Alberta, CANADA

"I walked into Empowered Healers Academy as a newly divorced, stay-at-home mom trying to find my way...

and walked out an educated healer with enough confidence in my abilities to practice this healing modality that I immediately began attracting the right clients for me and building my business!"

- Leah Tabitha, SIT Practitioner 
Calgary, CANADA

SIT Practitioner Training

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