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Hope Dealer: Transforming Lives with SIT Sessions - A Case Study

What's it mean to be a Hope Dealer?

That's what this weeks case study is truly about.

This SITuation highlights an inspiring story of a terrifying medical diagnosis that was resolved after just 2 SIT Sessions.

Real talk... 

It's a messed up reality that 12 Million people are misdiagnosed annually in the USA alone; which is responsible for between 40,000 - 80,000 deaths per year. 

The archaic system wants to say it's "out of scope" for practitioners like Acupuncturists and Massage Therapists to talk to clients about emotions... But if not them, then who!? 

That's why, to roll with us, you've gotta have the Soul of a Healer & Heart of a Renegade.

(K but who knew helping humans with emotions would make you a rebel? lol)

Thanks to one of our SIT Practitioners who has the Heart of a Renegade... 

She was able to defy what's normal as an acupuncturist and guide her client to get abnormal (in...

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Pain, Fatigue, or Shaky Bowels after facilitating?

"Being an Empath" is one of the greatest gifts that gets the worst rap 

When it comes to:

  • Feeling exhausted after sessions 
  • Bathrooms urgencies (before, after, OR during sessions
  • Feeling cranky AF after sessions & needing alone time to extremes
  • Taking your clients pain (including waking up in the night with weird panic/sweating after working on some people)

#EmpathProblems ARE NOT always the problem! 

It's actually often a mismanagement of energy & responsibility.

Essentially, you're over-functioning in the client-practitioner relationship. 

(And chances are, if this is happening in sessions, this isn't the only place it's happening - ammi right? ).

This shows up as you doing 90% while letting your client (or partner, or co-workers, or whoever) do 10%.

But as a practitioner, healer, coach, guide - however you identify... 

Your job is NOT to fix, process, prove,...

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Are you unconsciously rejecting money?

Real talk...

Are you rejecting money clients literally WANT to give you? 

A couple weeks ago, I was struttin' through the Artisan Market, sippin' my peppermint tea, when a jewelry maker caught my eye. 

I've been on the hunt to have custom rings made for O'tion & I for a while and got lit up at her stand.

(Side note, we just celebrated our 10 year anniversary which feels like a really beautiful milestone).

When it comes to the ring, I know exactly what I am looking for; what materials I want used; and how much I want to spend. 

But when I attempted to do business with this incredibly talented jeweller... 

I was shocked by the experience... 

She literally WOULD NOT let me give her $$$ that I WANTED to spend with her because of her judgement about how "unaffordable" the material I wanted to use is. 

(Please note: The cost was literally thousands less than I thought it was going to be. But to...

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Changes to our Public Facing Brand Name!!!


PSA: We’ve got big news, and big changes!

Empowered Healers Academy inc. is OFFICIALLY the holding company of

In order for SIT (Subconscious Imprinting Technique) to become a recognized & accessible healing modality ...

Empowered Healers Academy will no longer be the front facing or leading name of our organization. 

We see EHA as the Matriarch who stands behind SIT with fiercely loving 'mama bear' energy.

Our ultimate mission is to get SIT (Subconscious Imprinting Technique) recognized and into the systems, places and spaces that require it. 

It's so much bigger than us. will be leading the ship now.

So what's this got to do with you?

2 things:

1. You’re in the beginning stages of something really damn cool.
We’ve been teaching & empowering Healers & Humans with SIT for 4+ years, and this is truly just the beginning. Thank you for being here.

Side note: We also need volunteers...

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The Universe is not šŸ’©ing on you (I promise)


Goooooooood Morning and Happy Easter Monday (for our fellow Canadians).

Today is a BIG day in our house (for 2 reasons):

  1. We're doing the walkout with our landlord on the rental we've lovingly coined "The Shadow House." 
  2. It's our 9-year anniversary!!!


First, let's talk about The Shadow House.
(The rental we moved out of 9 days ago).

Bright-eyed, BUSHY Babuh'd (and absolutely friggin' NAIVE about what was in store)...

2 years ago, we drove 17 hours across Alberta & BC, our Kia Sportage keeping pace with a U-Hail trailer bouncing on the back. 

It was September 9th, 2020. The sun was hot & our s#%t eating grins were glimmering. 

2 prairie girls and their beloved mastiff & charming rag doll, headed straight for coastal magic.

Well... You know what I always say...

"We don't always get what we want, we get what we NEED so we can have what we want." 

This may sound cynical, but it's actually an energetic Law of Receiving. 

Put in other...

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Unpopular Opinion about PARTNERship


Unpopular Opinion:
You can’t spell PARTNER without the letters in PARENT.

In this moment of my consciousness, I sincerely believe we as adults in partnership, have the very special opportunity to REPARENT each other.

But I think so many people are so friggin’ riddled with their own unmet needs,
they say or think shit about their partners like,

“I’m not their mother, they can figure out/do xyz on their own”.

I believe this is a projection from their ego (aka: their own unmet needs) onto their partner.

Unconsciously guided by the principle of, “My needs didn’t matter, so I sure as HELL AIN’T bending over backward for theirs”

or, “I had to figure it out on my own, so should they”

I am BLESSED AF that V doesn’t have that Ego. ^

She can sense when a child part of mine is present, and she softens and speaks to THAT part of me.

Not the rational 30 year old part of me, but the irrational 5 year...

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How to get the ULTIMATE REVENGE on someone (unpopular opinion)

A few months back, I went through an emotionally painful experience that provoked a'lotta rage & the desire for REVENGE.

Revenge energy is something I was familiar with as a hasty teen - but not now!!

Not as a “conscious LEADER”.

I was 100% caught in the riptide of RIGHTEOUSNESS.

My brain was orchestrating some serious ideas and taking me on a RIDE of all sorts of ways I could “make this person pay”.

It was not fun. It felt compulsive. I was not my best self.

V said to me, calmly, and without judgement:

“If you went through with doing this, as a way to get revenge, think about _________ and what she would think if she found out you did this?” (she name dropped one of our students).

In that moment, almost as if she waved a magic wand, the desire for revenge immediately dissipated.

The rampant thoughts of (admittedly ingenious) revenge ideas completely vanished.

The spin stopped, and all desire for 'making this...

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How to Get (or become) EXACTLY what you WANT (Read this before your NY resolutions kick your butt)

In 2021, I benevolently set the intention of, “It gets to be easy” as my guiding anchor for the year.

And then? I got my ASS KICKED with some of the hardest shit I've ever been through. 

I’ll dive DEEP into my personal experience, but first... 

Remember this as you strut boldly into a new year with new intentions, new guiding words, essences or phrases…

We don’t (always) get what we want.
We get what we need so we can have what we want.

And by setting a new intention, you’re calling in new problems to solve.

Now, that may sound oddly cynical coming from a leader of an Empowerment company, but it IS empowering and exciting, I swear!! (Even if it woops your ass).

As humans, we’re literally designed and created to solve problems.
(And we get rewarded with dopamine when we do!)

A lot of people experience depression because they’re just friggin’ BORED.

They’re not actively solving problems that...

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Finding Purpose in your Pain (how to access Post Traumatic Growth)

So, last week, some devastating shit went down on our property.

But the emergency arborist (who simultaneously rescued while almost killing our cat), reminded me of a confidence-boosting, bank account growing, LIFE CHANGING lesson…

I’ll spare you the long story and get right into the meat n’ deets because I think you’re gonna love this.

(Especially if you’re TERRIFIED of failing or of people finding out about your deepest shames/wounds).

So, ironically, the same weekend he had to come to rescue our cat (who was stranded & bunking with an owl for 16 hours - true story), we were scheduled to go to our arborist and his wives house for dinner (#smalltownvibes)

Literally, the moment we rolled into his house, still unbuttoning our jackets, he says, “Well, I learned a LOT from my first cat rescue”...

He was stoked.

He went on to explain, in-depth, all the different strategies he would implement next time he has to rescue a cat from a massive...

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A Weird Reason You Should Let People Down (How to Say No Without Feeling Guilty)

Do you ever sell yourself out because of fear of losing love?

It's ok. You can say it.

I mean, I know I sure have.

Don't even get me STARTED on all the ways I have sold myself out, overextended and let MYSELF down, out of fear of letting others down. 

I mean, if there was Red Seal of People Pleasers, I would have the certification stamped n' signed. 

And honestly? It took me by surprise to even consider I was a people pleaser. 

"Me? No. Nuh-uh. HELL no. I am WAY too edgy & outspoken for that shit. I have a neck tattoo, for goodness sakes. People pleasers do NOT have neck tattoos...". 

"The lie detector determined... THAT was a lie" - Maury, my man, truer words have never been spoken. 

Anyways, as a professional (now retired) people pleaser who was terrified of letting people down, I have learned a thing or two I wanna share with you. 

As always, I gotta story to share. 

THIS is the SITuation on people pleasing, and a weird reason why you...

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