Get to know us

and how SIT came to be

Get to know us

and how SIT & EHA came to be

The Short Story...

meet the visionaries  &

of SIT 

Since 2019, O'tion & V have helped humans all over the globe resolve physical, emotional & spiritual pain from the inside, out.

It all started with a personal mission to heal O'tion's migraines in 2015 after being let down by all other medical options.

After stumbling upon a podcast about the science behind repressed emotions & memories, they resolved her migraines by bringing resolution to a seemingly insignificant memory from when O'tion was 12.

Their curiosity piqued…”if this can heal migraines, what else can we resolve?!"

They went on to resolve V's longstanding IBS, daily headaches and acne...

As well as O'tion's Migraines, Sciatica Pain, Eczema and PF Syndrome.

(...and between the two of them, a LOT of repressed anger & other emotional baggage)

As an acupuncturist,
V was stoked. 

She started experimenting with this information in her acupuncture sessions and was blown away by how quickly and significantly people were healing - especially in areas where acupuncture wasn't sustaining the results.

It didn't take long before people caught wind of the results she was getting with clients, and her practice took off like wildfire. 

V became one of the most in-demand practitioners in Alberta, some clients driving up to 500 km ONE WAY to receive a session.

Eventually, V's schedule became so booked, she had to start turning clients away.

In an attempt to slow her client load down, she even started charging $300/session thinking it would turn people off...

The opposite happened. 

On the brink of V hitting burnout, mixed with O'tions love for marketing, branding, course creation & emotional healing work...

O'tion suggested, "What if we teach practitioners to do what you're doing?"

The Dynamic Duo got to work & distilled what is now known as Subconscious Imprinting Technique, into a step-by-step system for practitioners to plug into their sessions so they, too, could initiate deep, life-altering change for their clients.

Healers are, after all, the ones who could help amplify their reach by accessing more humans.

Their kids,
Riley and
Roman, are 
2 of their
greatest joys
in life.

Meet O'tion

Co-Founder, Lead Facilitator, Visionary & Director.

Being the co-creator of a trauma healing modality may seem like an odd pursuit considering she was expelled from high school; but going against the grain was literally hardwired into O'tion when she was in the womb! 

(Literally. She was at a Van Halen concert, in her mothers womb, on her due date November 9th, 1991 and ended up born a Sagittarius 15 days later!) 

Rocking radical transparency and the ability to make even the blackest sheep feel normal, O'tion is the ultimate example of what's possible when you OWN your story instead of hide from it.

Her Dad's suicide in 2015 was the devastating catalyst to her beginning to choose more from life.

As an androgynous, queer, self-taught entrepreneur who went from heavy equipment operating to massage therapy to growing EHA to a 6 figure+ per year business, O'tion loves being an example to entrepreneurial practitioners who want to launch their own company without abandoning their values, personality, or authenticity.

Alongside co-creating Subconscious Imprinting Technique, O'tion also passionate about somatic-led business coaching, as well as providing her unique form of breathwork to unlock radical healing, expression, and expansion. 

With her and V’s spontaneous move to The Sunshine Coast, you’ll find her screaming about whales, eagles, sea otters, and basically any living creature, taking photos of her beloved Italian Mastiff and hilarious rag-doll cat, scaling mossy banks, or sipping americanos on the ocean side.

Don't let the neck tattoo, intensity & f-bombs throw you off.

O'tion is highly sensitive & a total softy. A self described "Petunia".

Fun Facts:

  • Obsessed with her cat, Roman and making V laugh
  • Studies Stoicism
  • Was a Heavy Equipment Operator before going to Massage Therapy School
  • Went to Equine (horse) Massage Therapy School before human Massage Therapy School!
  • Only wears mens underwear (Must have thick waist bands, usually Calvin Klein)
  • Obsessed with Lions, Elephants, Rhinos… and basically all animals
  • Would likely cause a collision instead of hitting even a dragonfly
  • Often screams, "AWWWWWWW!" loudly, when driving by a field of cows (which happened often when she lived in Alberta)
  • She’s ALL about balance: Which explains her BIG HEART and... criminal record 😳
  • Favourite Movie of ALL TIME: The Lion King
  • Biggest Pet Peeve: The sound of chewing, people who kill spiders, people who smoke in public or, people who litter
  • Favourite Artist of ALL TIME: First Place - Brandi Carlile, Second Place - Eminem (remember, balance) but before he became a weird clone 
  • Biggest Fear: V dying

Meet V

Co-Founder, Lead Facilitator, Conductor of Healing in the realm of Magic

Charming and compassionate, with a healthy dose of “don’t f#%k with me”, Vincent, often referred to as V, has an essence that may be the medicine and mentorship your soul’s been longing for.

Those who know V have realized; you can run, you can hide, but she will still see you. All of you. This is both terrifying and magnetizing.

How does she do it? How is she able to see your deepest secrets and relieve you of their burdens within minutes of being in her presence?

This is the magic that she’s known for empowering healers with, within her academy, as well as clients in her private practice reserved for those who are ready to heal the unthinkable.

V’s acupuncture sessions are an amalgamation of ancient chinese wisdom, intertwined with her own magic, which made her one of Edmonton’s most sought out acupuncturists. She now brings this to the Sunshine Coast of BC. 

When she’s not in her healing mindspace, her favourite past times include making Orgonite, sitting by the beach, running through the rainforest to do cryotherapy in ice cold creek water, sipping americano’s with her hilarious wife, and ripping through the rainforest on her Rad Runner plus.

V is someone you’ll quickly fall in-love with, simply because of her ability to guide you to fall in-love with yourself.

Fun Facts:

  • Could eat rice every single day for the rest of her life

  • Has difficulty distinguishing between colors. Especially yellow vs. orange, blue vs. black

  • Will instinctively crush bugs out of fear (much to her Wife’s dismay)
    Update: She's gotten a LOT better at saving bugs, much to her Wife's delight!

  • Created a 10 piece androgynous fashion line and presented it at Canada Western Fashion Week

  • Oddly delighted with the muscle twitch response that an acu needle can provoke

  • Favourite Movie of ALL TIME: Avatar

  • Biggest Pet Peeve: Sarcasm, the sound of dogs bathing

  • Can access a shockingly deep voice for her petite frame (legit baritone)

  • Favourite Artist of ALL TIME: Michael Jackson and Brandi Carlile

  • Biggest Fear: O'tion dying unexpectedly is queer owned and led with team members of all ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations.

Our community is like a glitter bomb—full of different colors, backgrounds, cultures, belief systems, self-expressions, sexual orientations, abilities, and walks of life.

We tend to attract the heart-centred rebels of the world who are looking for a place they can finally stand the f#%k out, simply by just being themselves.

You can breathe deeper knowing that you and your wonderful quirks are fully seen AND celebrated.

We are committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment. You belong here, and we’re honoured to have you.

If there's a way we can make our products more accessible and inclusive, please email [email protected]

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